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28, Kozorog, Russian Federation, Moscow
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Pomembne podrobnosti o Cool-Baby
Spol Ženska
Zanima me Moški
Starost 28
Višina 5' - 5'3" [150cm - 160cm]
Teža 100 - 120 lbs [45 - 55 kg]
Lasje Rjavolaske
Oči Zelene
Etičnost Bela/Kavkaška
Jeziki Ruščina
Rojstni kraj Moscow
Sramne dlake Obrita
Velikost prsi Velik
Rit Velik
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The man who came, saw, won. Generous with humor, for whom I am a person and not a toy.
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Hello, guest! When I signed up, they automatically wrote here "hot bitch is ready to play with you." It took me 5 years to consciously write what I want myself. My name is Alina, I am a sincere and kind girl who came to Bongacams 5 years ago. During this time, they wrote to me many times that I have a kind face, a chic appearance. This is true, but ... This does not mean at all that I came to love you, entertain you, adore you for free. I am "a kind face "who came here to work and receive tokens from you, (just like the rest of the" not good "persons), unless, of course, you want to spend them on me. Compete - stand out with TOKENS !!!
I don't need your useless writing about feelings and so on. I'm wasting my time on you because you deserve it with TOKENS. WORK, AND THE TIME OF LIVE COMMUNICATION IN REAL TIME WITH UNREAL BEAUTY SHOULD BE PAID WELL. If you are not ready to donate to me, go ahead, do not waste my and your time. leave to spend money in the next chat. HARD, but my "kind face" is already tired of explaining elementary things to dreamer-pussies.
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Men who think that I'm expensive. Are you serious?? MY GORGEOUS SHOW COST MUCH MORE AND LONG AND REALFind someone like me, beautiful with chic shapes, well-groomed, witty, funny in real life and let her entertain you for a tulip.
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Хочу в топ.
Хочу в топ.
чем ближе топ тем ближе моя мечта
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29. 02. 24
Здравствуй.. Алиночка.. Разблокируй меня пожалуйста.. В slmpatichnyy1
28. 02. 24
Cool-Baby: я твоей матери желаю онкологию
28. 02. 24
Cool-Baby: я твоей матери желаю онкологию
27. 02. 24
О это О много вспомнил. Твои глаза и киска не забуду никогда
25. 02. 24
Р"@здень св0ю п0друgу в т.г : rzdklv
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16. 02. 24
А я тебя знаю шлюшка :jerk_off
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:bj :facesitting :hot ты просто прелесть 😍 моя. Я сам ненасытный,женских ласк оч не хватает, а девушки нет которая выдержит меня, вот и тренирую мышцу :big_cock :jerking написал тебе бы в приват до пока дойти пополнить баланс не могу я 1 раз зашёл на веп сайт, посмотрим что получится 😉
7. 02. 24
Ты симпатяжка
6. 02. 24
Милая ты мне нравишься
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